Sexy Revolver Got Critiqued

Sexy revolver taken with the Lensbaby Edge 50 on loan.

My revolver photo got featured in Bryan Peterson's website.  Whoo-hoo!

Critique of revolver image starts at 11:52.

Humanities class teaches that curves are passive while straight lines are aggressive.  Hence curves in images are usually rendered softly and straight lines are usually rendered sharply.  What do you get when you have both?  One conflicting sexy subject.

Perhaps, it is a controversial image.  It was one of the photos I submitted to Lensbaby when they asked me if I would be interested in using their lens for their website.  None of the photos I submitted were accepted.  Oh well.  But I think it's their loss.

#HappinessisAWarmGun #revolver #smithandwesson #686 #ServiceRevolver


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