After the rain in SoCal

Hope your weekend is doing well.

It rained the other day.  It is getting to feel autumn here in SoCal.  Although officially autumn started weeks ago, it still felt like summer.

As I mentioned yesterday, I took out my Carl Zeiss 100mm Makro and started shooting macros again.  I thought it would interesting to see if my vision on macros have changed since I last shot with this lens.  I think that I am more into the bokeh and overall softness of the background in contrast to the main subject.  My older macros seem to be more tightly focused even on the background.  Nowadays, I'm loving the openness that a f/2 aperture can deliver.  This image is one of them.

Interesting too is I never took advantage of the wide aperture that the lens offers.  I was mostly shooting at f/8 in those days.  Yet one pays a premium on the wider aperture lens.  I knew what it can do.  But maybe I just did not have that vision.  Until now.

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