Loch Lomond: Rob Roy was here

Rob Roy was here.

Okay so here we were on a rink boat on the lake called Loch Lomond, and I could not find a single float vest.  I was scared to be on the water.  Always have been.  I can't swim in the open sea or in a lake.  I am so scared of water that I would not even dare to drink it.  But after a few beers, I was willing to go along with the excursion.  

Loch Lomond is is a freshwater Scottish lake, which contains many small islands.  One of the islands is famous because the outlaw Rob Roy MacGrrrregor was known to have hidden in the cave when the local Collection Agency went after him for not paying for the cattle, which he bought from the chief herder. 

Trivia Notes:   Rob Roy was tall so casting the actor Liam Neeson as him was appropriate.  On the other hand, Braveheart William Wallace was very very tall for his time - about 6’-7” - so a 5’-10” actor Mel Gibson had to be photoshopped in the movie. 

Shot with iPhone 6 … of course.

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