Persistence Pays

Juzno man!

On January 8 the homily was all about the Epiphany of the Lord.  Well I experienced my own epiphany - I have decided to seek you guys out and spend few minutes together once a week if I'm lucky or whenever inspiration arises.  How will I execute this promising resolution?  I will write to you about anything and everything.

Here's my first story - certainly about Lucas (my 3 year old grandson), he is my world you know.  He always invites me to play with him because you see I am his BFF (oh well at least I think that!)  A few nights ago while playing with lego creating Star Wars characters, I prayed over his right eye because it has a sty and is severely infected.  After my unsolicited entreaty, I asked him to say Amen, two times, steadfastly he refused.  On my third attempt, a loud thunder roared through the sky, he shuddered, instantly I went for the kill - you should say it now - without hesitation and with vigor he shouted AMEN!!!

Good day,


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