On the Way to See the Mariinsky Orchestra

On the way to see the performance of Mariinsky Orchestra, I saw a poster of this dude outside the Walt Disney Concert Hall Theater.  I don't even know him but I thought the poster was cool so I took a shot of it.  This is an interpretation of what I saw.  So in essence, it is not a true copy of the original but an artistic appropriation.  Richard Prince made himself rich by doing that.  Basically, stealing other people's work and rephotographing, copying, scanning, and manipulating them to call them his own.  What has this image got to do with the Mariinsky Orchestra?  Nothing, really.  I just wanted to post it because it made a lasting impression on me before going the concert.

Notes on the concert performance:

Shostakovich.  Symphony No. 9 in E-flat major Op 70.  Yeah, not too bad.  I think the composer was high when he wrote this.  I can tell because I had a few drinks myself before the concert.  I dig the highs and lows of the movements.  
Prokofiev.  Piano Concerto No 2 in G minor Op 16.  Denis Matsuev playing the piano.  He could have been a kung fu artist as his razor blade chops were cutting through like slicing an onion.  Wu-zaa! Sorry if I offend Asians but I can't be a racist because I'm also part Asian.  The best part was the Tambourine guy sneaking in  some parts of the movements.  It looked like he didn't have to work that hard compared to the other musicians but he probably got paid the same. After all the Mariinsky Orchestra is employed by a Communist country.

Scriabin.  Symphony No 3 in C minor Op 43.   A great introduction, majestic and pleasurable to the ear in the beginning.  Then I was lost in the next 55 minutes.  This piece is long.  No breaks.  I felt I was being tormented.  The Russian composers are a cruel people.

Encore:  An excerpt from The Swan Lake.  Thank you!  Finally something I can relate to.

Oh, and the conductor.  Valery Gergiev.  Dapper!


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