Strange Days Indeed

Poor henpecked Mr Di Niro.  He is trying to hide from his wife after she learned that he didn't buy the lotto ticket that she told him to buy that just won five million dollars.

My tribute to the Yeshiva Mat-124 G.  The poor man's Rolleiflex.  One can still buy this vintage camera.  Last I checked at Amazon it was selling for $300.  I got mine years ago and I think I might have paid the same.  Couldn't afford the Rolleiflex.  But it was the closest I could get.  Built like a tank.  Hefty and an attention getter - especially for old blokes like me.  It's a joy to hold and quite stealth in street photography.  Since the view finder is waist level, you have to look down on the camera to compose your image - people think that you are shooting something else instead of them.  This was the way the late Vivian Maier shot her beautiful street images.  She may have been my influence in acquiring this camera.  It has a built in light meter, which uses an obscure battery.  Don't bother getting one because the meter doesn't work.  At least on mine, and it's in excellent shape apart from the meter.  I've heard people complained about the lagging shutter.  This should not be a big issue for most use since film is very forgiving.  You can either just push or pull during the developing process.  

  • 6x6 Twin Lens Reflex, Medium format film camera
  • Viewing lens -  80mm f/2.8 tessar
  • Taking lens -  80mm f/3.5 yashinon tessar
  • F-stop range -  f/3.5 – f/32
  • Shutter Speed range - 1 second – 1/500th & bulb
  • Shots per roll - 120 = 12, 220 = 24


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