Mama Has Got Somethin' Groovy in Her Christmas Bag

I got Rose a vinyl turntable for Christmas.  Yes, we are going back to old school music appreciation.   I again realized how great the sound was on vinyl.  It may have some scratches and hisses but there is something organic in the sound.  It's almost like listening to the music that is played live.

The turntable is a Pioneer PLX1000 that is made in Japan.  The industry standard is the Technics 1200, which is twice the price of the Pioneer.  And yet Pioneer I think has done a great job in coming close to the specs and quality of the Technics.  It's like buying a Toyota and paying half the price of a Lexus.  Same engine family but less bells and whistles.  I'm good with that.  As long as it delivers, I'm going with the less expensive one.

Hope your having a wonderful Christmas celebration.  Cheers!


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