Testing the Camera on the iPhone 11 Pro

I got the Apple iPhone 11 pro for Christmas.  Sweet.  My last iPhone was the 7 plus.  So my new now is several generations ahead of the 7 plus.  I still like the 7 plus but I thought I wanted to try the 11 pro.  It has three lenses - ultra wide, wide and telephoto.  The 7 plus only had the wide and the tele.  Still works well so I'm giving it to my daughter.  She is so frugal that she still uses a beat up iPhone 6s.  Its screen is all broken and the battery doesn't last long.  Any upgrade would be good for her.

I tested the camera on the 11 pro on night scene on my backyard. The image above was shot on Jpeg, which I thought the quality was very impressive.

Even though both iPhones are equipped with 12 megapixels camera sensor, the  images of the 11 pro seems to be sharper compared to the pixilated images of the 7 plus when used on low light.  Just like the 7 plus, I hope to keep my new iPhone for another couple of years.

Christmas cheers!


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