Blood Sweat & Tears - LUCRETIA MAC EVIL (from vinyl LP / lyrics)


Lucretia MacEvil
Little girl what's your game?
Hard luck and trouble
Bound to be your claim to fame
Tail-shakin' heart-breakin' truckin' through town
Each and every country-mother's son, hangin' 'round
Drive a young man insane
Evil that's your name

Lucretia MacEvil
That's the thing you're doin' fine
Back seat Delilah
Got your six bit jug o'wine, woman
I hear your mother was the talk of the sticks
Nothin' that your daddy wouldn't do for kicks
Never done a thing worth-while
You're just an evil woman-child

Ooh, Lucy, you just so damn bad
Devil got you lucy
Under lock and key
Ain't about to set you free
Sign sealed and witnessed
Since the day you were born
No use tryin' to fake him out
No use tryin' to make him out
Soon, he'll be takin' out his due
What-cha gonna do?

Lucy MacEvil
Honey ya been all night?
Your hair's all messed up, babe
An' the clothes you're wearin'
Just don't fit ya right
Big Daddy Joe's, payin' your monthly rent
Tells his wife he can't imagine where the money went
Dressin' you up in style, evil woman-child
Ooh, Lucy, you just so damn bad

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: David Clayton-Thomas
Lucretia Mac Evil lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Blood, Sweat & Tears (also known as "BS&T") is an American jazz rock band founded in New York City in 1967, noted for a combination of brass with rock instrumentation. 

After the Al Cooper era, Colomby and Katz looked for a new vocalist and considered Alex Chilton, Stephen Stills, and Laura Nyro, before deciding on David Clayton-Thomas, a Canadian from Toronto. Trombonist Halligan moved to organ and Jerry Hyman was added on trombone. The new nine-member band debuted at New York's Cafe Au Go Go on June 18, 1968, beginning a two-week residency.

The self-titled second album, Blood, Sweat & Tears, was produced by Guercio and much of the album was arranged by Lipsius. It featured fewer original songs but greater chart success. It included Nyro's "And When I Die", "You've Made Me So Very Happy" by Berry Gordy and Brenda Holloway, and Clayton-Thomas' "Spinning Wheel". The band enjoyed headliner status at the Woodstock Festival in August 1969.

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Hope you enjoy. 


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