Johnny Winter - Still Alive & Well (lyrics / from vinyl LP)

Johnny Winter - Still Alive & Well (lyrics / from vinyl LP)

But I'm still alive and well
Still alive and well you know I'm still alive and well
Every now and then I know it's kinda hard to tell
But I'm still alive and well
Still alive and well, still alive and well
I'm alive and well
I wanna tell you baby I'm alive and well
You know I don't mean maybe
I'm alive and well uh-ooh-ooh
I'm alive and well
I'm still alive and well
Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Rick Derringer
Still Alive and Well lyrics © Universal Music - Careers

Still Alive and Well is an album by blues rock guitarist and singer Johnny Winter. It was his fifth studio album, and his first since Johnny Winter And almost three years earlier. It was released by Columbia Records in 1973.

Johnny Winter – guitar, slide guitar, mandolin, vocals
Randy Jo Hobbs – bass
Richard Hughes – drums
Rick Derringer – slide guitar on "Silver Train", pedal steel guitar and click guitar on "Ain't Nothing to Me", electric guitar on "Cheap Tequila"
Jeremy Steig – flute on "Too Much Seconal"
Todd Rundgren – Mellotron on "Cheap Tequila"
Mark Klingman – piano on "Silver Train"

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