Interstate 35


The Interstate 35 (I-35) is a major north–south Interstate Highway that runs from Laredo, Texas near the Mexican border to Duluth, Minnesota. In Texas, the highway begins in Laredo and runs north to the Red River north of Gainesville, where it crosses into Oklahoma. Along its route, it passes through major cities such as San Antonio, Austin, and Waco.

The exit numbers for I-35E maintain the sequence of exit numbers from the southern segment of I-35, and the northern segment of I-35 follows on from the sequence of exit numbers from I-35E. I-35W maintains its own sequence of exit numbers.

In Texas, I-35 runs for just over 503 miles (810 km), which does not include the 85-mile (137 km) segment of I-35W. It does include the 97-mile (156 km) segment of I-35E. Texas contains more miles of the overall length of I-35 than any other state, almost one-third of the entire length.


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