Imagine all the people

Livin' life in peace


(John Winston Lennon)

Imagine lyrics © Budde Music France, CONSALAD CO., Ltd, Downtown Music Publishing, Sentric Music, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, TuneCore Inc.

The boys from Steely Dan wrote a song that was critical of John Lennon’s song Imagine. It was called “Only a fool would say that”.  They are probably right. But it’s the na├»ve worldview of John Lennon that makes the song work because most people would want to agree with him. Most people would want to see the world without heaven, religion, and nothing to die for… an ideal world that unfortunately one can only imagine. Because it would never be. But it’s hard not to love Lennon’s sincerity and candor. 

So what is up with the empty chair? Ah, my friend, you would have to figure that out.


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