No Night Life in the City


Sometime in February.  I was glad to be back in our room.  In my head, I can still hear Judith Piaf singing something in French.   It was to be expected.  After all we were in the French speaking part of Canada.  Montreal.  My first introduction to the city was during the Olympics.  It was the summer of 76.  I can still picture Native Indians dancing during the introduction of the games.  At that time I was surprised to learn that Indians spoke French.  Moreover I didn't know there were Indians in Canada. I just graduated from high school - so what do I know?  Yet at that young age, I thought I knew everything.  Everything from designing my own wardrobe and knowing the lineups of the latest rock bands playing at that time.  I knew who sang and who played what. Except disco.  Oh yeah, I hated disco.  

Looking down from the hotel window, I was not expecting this. It was no different from any urban town.  I think I was still looking for Native Indians - but perhaps they would only dance during summer.  No, it was too cold to dance in the winter.  One would need special boots.   Probably made from Bisons.  Do they have Bisons in Montreal?

Staring at the coldness of the night, I thought I needed a stiff drink.  But I didn't want to go down to the bar alone.  Maybe they would be closed.  There is no night life here in Montreal.  Not at this time of the year.


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