Locals moving in to get their fix while yours truly kicks back enjoying his long black...

Some of you following the Sydney Chronicles may be assuaged to read that I haven't completely abandoned that mini-project.  This is where we usually have our long black coffee until we realized we were being overcharged.  (We started going to another one a few blocks away.) 

This image is just a straight shot early one morning.  For the photo techies, here's how I shot this:  I set the camera on auto focus with the aperture at f22.  The iso was at 100.  Then, I just placed the camera on the table and waited for people to move in.  The whole process was pretty laid back. I usually do this approach with my pinhole but I thought I would use the crappy kit lens to get more details.  It's not an image I would normally post in RB or Flickr -  but I still like it just because it reminds me of my stay in Sydney.

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