My own priivate indulgence (ii)

This is what I see everyday when I'm at work.  It's actually a photo of my wall.  Why am I posting this image?  I don't really know.  It's a bit late here in SoCal, and my wife's car has been stolen, and the water sprinkler is causing a great leak on my backyard, and the dog just started limping for no apparent reason... yada yada.  I am just having a bad week.  On the up side, somebody bought my art work... a first.  Now I am 39 cents richer.  Heh-heh.  Sorry.  My meds are not working as they should.  Time to see the doctor again. Tomorrow will be Friday.  Can't wait. 


Mariel said…
Oooh, I see Incubus there. I love them!.. Anyway, don't worry, I'm sure everything will be alright. :)
Anonymous said…
Hey Rob I'm providing palliative care for an extremely old K9 and my mouth finally sopped hurting today. Sounds like we both got on at the same Incubus stop. And what's tershion? Some word i have to type in to make this post work, sound like some thing that goes hand in hand with constipation.hehe.I don't need meds.tony
Rob Castro said…
@mariel... thanks for your encouragement... i know it will be all right... yahhhhhhhhhhhh (ala Howard Dean)

just kidding... seriously, i appreciate your kind words

cheers - rob
Rob Castro said…
hey tony... you and i must have contracted a mild case of incubusitis... whatever that is... yea, well even with my google account i still have to type in words like "weedjer" and "terpeetol"... LOL... glad your molar is no longer giving you sleepless nights... i hope your old k9 friend get some comfort... you sure about constipation? he-he. - rob

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