An Early Effort

I think this was taken with my old Canon Rebel XT using the crappy kit lens (before it got crappy).

Long Beach.  A couple of years ago.  Just when I was learning to seriously take photos.  I found this while searching my archive for old pictures I could use for my project.  I thought it might interest some of you who haven't seen it yet.  It's reprocessed in CS5 so the image quality is a little bit better... not a whole lot of processing as I did not apply extreme tweaking like I normally do.  Looking at this I suspect people will say that I took "better" pictures back then.  This was prior to my LensBaby phase and my dark existentialistic phase and so on.  Hmmm... maybe I did take better pictures.  Nah.  But I hope you will still enjoy it.  Cheers.


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