The market is alive

Okay so we're waiting for Isoy to cook our lunch but there was one problem.  Isoy said that there was nothing to cook.  At that point, it was thought to be wise to go to the market.
This is how usually people get around.  The bike can take as much as five people... well you knnow small people.  No, that is not me and those are not my children.  Nice bike though.  I wish I had one.
We got to the market but the ladies told us that everything was gone.  I asked, "why are you still here when you don't have anything to sell?"  They looked at me with amazement as though nobody had asked that question before.  These people are so laid back.  I can feel that it was time for a smoke as I was getting stressed out.  Where is the nearest liquor store?

We went around until it was finally night time.  No luck.  We couldn't buy food.  And by this time we were so miserable and testy, we decided to park in a No Parking zone.

Meanwhile the poor children patiently waited for food; their eyes never blinked.
Just around the corner, we didn't even know that there was a fruit stand.  We discovered this after several hours of searching.  "Do you have fresh strawberries?" I asked.  They gazed at me in astonishment as they have never heard of strawberries before.  Uggh!!!
Addendum (updated May 18, 2011):  Perhaps I am so much as a wall flower that people don’t even know I’m there… heh a great characteristic of a street photographer.  On the image showing the two women at the market (third photo), I used a 50mm lens so I must have been two yards away at most from the subject.  When I shot this I didn’t even notice the old woman on the left.  My focus was on the other one because I was drawn to her far-away eyes.  I kept the composition “as is” because for me it seems to provide a harmonious relationship, i.e. the old woman vs. the younger one.  I think of Naomi and Ruth in the bible story of Ruth.  My one gripe on this one (amongst many) is that the center provides a bit too much negative space.  I also find it uninteresting and doesn’t really enhance the overall picture.  In an ideal world, I would have wanted the two women to be closer together.  I imagined that would have been a winning shot in my opinion.  I could have accomplished that if I shot from further left or right – giving an illusion that they are close.  Something to think about next time.  Of course I can also PS it but that’s too much work.


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