Hanging Out Old Town Pasadena

Hanging out at Old Town Pasadena today.  Nice day.  Took the car for service.  Waited.  Window shopped with the wife.  Rose got some stuff.  The sales clerk exclaimed that they have a sales on men's as well.  I just smiled at her.  I was just being polite.  Really I hate shopping at malls.  I would rather be smoking my cigar and drinking my bourbon.  My church people who would be reading this blog would be cringing.  I'm not worried.  Not yet.  I don't know.  I am tired.  It's Saturday.   I would rather be sleeping in.   Good thing I got my camera.  Good thing.  I like gallivanting along Old Town Pasadena.  I heard that it's illegal to take pictures in public here.  Oh well.  Rose said I looked like an artist.  My shirt had stains that can't be removed.  My windbreaker was falling apart.  My hair was all messed up (as always).  I hadn't shaved for months.  I was carrying a relatively expensive camera.  I must be an artist.


Great photos...but I really like that you hadn't shaved in months and your shirt had stains on it, good for you. lol
Wow, is it really illegal to take photos in public in Pasadena? :(

Rob Castro said…
cheers, byz... although the wife hates the facial hair (heh)... another amateur photographer told me recently that you cannot take pictures in OT pasadena... i haven't researched enough but i think that refers to taking pictures in a professional setting... the problem is if law enforcement sees a DLSR (as opposed to iphone or point&shoot) they think it's professional.

i wouldn't be surprised... in San Francisco one needs a $700 permit to be able to take pictures professionally... better to pay the fine which is about $400

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