Andy's File

Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, California, Panasonic DMC- LX3

Yesterday was Rose's birthday.  So she took the day off.  I also took part of the day off.  We had lunch at Old Town Pasadena (I forgot the place but it was Italian and they have a couple of glasses of great Pinot Noir -- asked the waiter what it was and he told me it was Hahn -- that for some reason I remember).  We headed to Norton Simon Museum.  We've been there so many times and I always see this family at the gate.  I decided to document this family but I'm not sure who they are and who created them.  Somebody reading this - please let me know if you do.  To the artist, I apologize for not giving you credit.  I do give credit to my immediate boss at work for his words and penmanship that appear on this image.  I wonder if he'll recognize it.  Cheers.

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