Imperfect Solitude

Sycamore Canyon, Diamond Bar, California, Holga WPC, Fujifilm Neopan 400, Self-developed

This is another rework. The early version was processed using an antediluvian version of PS. This time I applied curve mask layers so get more nuances out of the original. Part of the deal of me getting back to BW photography.

The image was made by multi-exposing the trees three times. Because the Holga uses 120 formal film roll, I was able to blend the three exposures in-camera. In other words, the result here was not digitally manipulated.

The Holga Wide Pinhole Camera (WPC) can provide a wide panoramic at 120 degrees. It comes with masks for both 6×7 cm or 6×9 cm images. For this image, I didn't use the mask so I was able to extend the panoramic view. Whoo-hoo!

I used a tripod for this shot. The cool thing too about the camera is it has a tripod thread, which is nice for very long exposures, such as this one. It must have been about 5 seconds or longer.

There is a myth about pinhole cameras that they only produce dreamy and fuzzy images. Obviously, this is not true.

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