Polikwaptiwa (Butterfly Sitting on a Flower...)

Canon 5D, Lensbaby

She looks like a Native American Indian in this picture.  Maybe she is or was...

Taken with the 5d and the Lensbaby double optics f5.6 at 1/40 and very high iso (1600 or higher).  I'm not really sure why I'm indicating the exif data here as I know most people reading this post don't care.  Maybe in case I forget I know where I could find the data.

This is another re-work of portraits that I'm studying.  A couple of years ago, I have entered an early version at one of Lensbaby Speed Challenges, and it won first place.  (No prize money, just bragging rights.)  That version is buried somewhere in the thread.  I wish I still have the original file so I have more information to work with.  The image above was reworked from a 450kb jpeg file.  I stretched it so I may be able to offer it to Arcangel-Image or some book cover deal.  Dream on baby.. heh. 



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