Blue Contentment on a Wack-o Friday

Bahia Bay, San Diego, Canon EOS 5d
Before you tweak your monitor or clean your eyeglasses, let me just say that you probably don't have to. Towards the end of the week, my eyes start to play trick on me. And this is one representation of how I sometimes see things. It's an indication that I want to be in another place. Maybe another world.

Taken at San Diego. It was getting late that day when I saw the contented ducks swirling around the water. You could also see a hint of smog across the skyline. Oh yea, even San Diego gets smog.

Now I know I have posted this image on this blog before but I thnk that's okay.  Also, it's wack-o Friday so it's probably okay to be wack-o.

Andee:  Happy Friday!  Thanks for the pic, very unique! Did you use a special kind of lens?

Juzno:  No special slens... I just used the bottom of an old coke bottle.  Hahzahh.

Epson:  I know what you mean.  Sometimes you just wanted to be away from it all.  No worries, No pain, No anxieties, but only peace and harmony. I guess the lively ducks connote that we must move forward though and do the best we could do to make our daily lives meaningful. Good shot.  I always enjoy your pics as they always have some stories to tell one way or the other.  Have a nice weekend to you all and God Bless!


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