Last Apple Standing and Raindrops Keep Falling

Tribute to Steve Jobs
I think it was a combination of several events that led me to create this.  Yesterday, it rained.  A few people asked me if I have gone out and taken a picture of the rain and what was out there.  I took that as a neat opportunity and challenge to try to do something related to the rain.  Someone suggested maybe some raindrops.  But raindrops by themselves are not that interesting.  I needed a background or something that would go with it.  Then I turned on the news: a fountainhead visionary just kicked the bucket.  We knew that Steve Jobs was on his premature twilight days but his passing was (at least for me) still a bit hard to accept.  He will be missed for sure.  This is my twisted way of paying tribute.  The battle scarred apple is still standing.  And raindrops will keep falling  (but that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turnin' red... Cryin's not for me... Nothin's worryin' me.)


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