The Great Mr Jerry Mew

"You look good in blue... did I tell you that?"
They say that the easiest way to win a photo contest is to send a picture of your pet.  After all, who can ignore these lovable creatures?  I've never won a photo contest in my life.  Maybe because I don't follow this advice.

But now Mr Jerry Mew would like your undivided attention.  His dazzling emerald eyes and great charm are hard to resist.  How could you not?  He is kind of big for a cat.  He weighs nearly twice as much than our dog.  He traces his heritage back to the days of Beowulf of the Middle Earth.  Although of noble birth, he is an all-American feline, born on the fourth of July.  Really... well, we thought he was -- so we decided we would celebrate his birthday every Independence Day.  And Mr Jerry Mew is a skilled hunter and a relentless outdoorsman.  Knowing him, he'll probably bring home a turkey tonight -- alive.  Heh.

Have a pleasant Thanksgiving.  Cheers - R


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