Tangled up in Green

Sometimes, there are days like these.
I started my day on the wrong foot again.  Rose took my regular car today so I have to drive Kamilah's car -except I didn't have the car key and both of them left for work.  Against my better judgment, I ended up driving Rose's car, which has been giving her problems.  Driving is probably not the right word here because I felt like I was trying to ride a bull high on crystal meth or something.  After a few yards, the car stalled.  It would not start right away but when it did it sounded like it was trying to imitate the sound of my neighbor's lawn mower.  With much fear and trepidation, I tried to steer it back home but it seemed to have a mind of its own.  It was not a beautiful mind.  Finally I was able to bring the car back to our driveway.
By this time, my mind is messed up and I'm thinking if I should even go to work.  I chilled out while waiting for Rose to bring back the car key to the other one.

I think this image is how my mind looks like right now.  Isolated, in the dark, a bit blurry and some tangles all around.
Techie Notes:  Taken with the Lensbaby mounted on a film camera Canon Rebel 2000.  I think I must have used Kodak Gold film ISO 400.  It's grainy but I like it.

Featured Comments:

Annie:  What is that purple thing underneath?  Looks like a butterfly.

Juzno:  Nah, I think it's a discarded bubble gum wrapper with the Lakers logo on it.


Anonymous said…
Yet still beautiful....

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