Pressing Forward and Just messing With Your Mind

And off they go...
Baba La Teengah kept pressing forward.  He had to win this race.  Losing was not an option.  He knew in his heart that he didn't want to go back.  Except for the taste of the hot humid wind, his numb face couldn't feel the hard blast of stream  in front of him.  His legs were melting just like the rest of the runners.  He knows he can't stop now...

At times, I'll get into an artsy mood and see potential for making art.  For instance, I see a botched shot that I just made.   Then I'll add texture to it to make it look like a painting.  After I'm done, I'll call it Art.  There is really nothing to it.  The hardest part is to convince your audience it's Art.

Now seriously, what makes this image in my estimation universal is that the runners representing different ethnicities all have one goal -- to win the race.  You can spiritualize on that.  Some view ourselves in some kind of race -- whether material or philosophical.  It doesn't matter.  All of us are in it for something.  What is there at the finish line?

This is how I see this image.  What are they thinking in order to win?  It's hard to get into what they are going through.   I like it that it's takes quite an effort to make out the faces of the runners - leaving the viewer to imagine how it's like.  Are they grimacing?  Or are they stoic-like?  Their combined structure forms a directional pattern - we see that as all the runners are going in the same direction -- but it is not fluid, which I think suggest to the viewer that the running competition is edgy.

In reality, most of us will not notice this edginess at that very moment.  It is just too fast for the untrained eyes.  So what we see is what we just see in our mind, and not what is really happening.  Our brain tricks us into thinking based on what we have previously experienced and been taught through years of indoctrination.  Such is our predisposition.  Really.

No, not really -- I’m pulling your leg. Heh. Hope you enjoy.

Featured Comments:

Annie:  Maybe it's just me but they look like zombies on the way to the point of no return.

Juzno:  Annie, you're beginning to think a lot like me.


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