Farmers Selling Produce (repost)

Juzno:  This was shot at the market in a small town of Antique, Philippines.  Most of the people are poor but they are beautiful.  I feel blessed to have been able to capture their images and somehow in a small way be able to share the photo to others.

aU: Brought me back to the little, insignificant town in Pangasinan where I was born, grew up, and a fifth of my life.  Market day was the main event of the sleepy hollow community.  At puberty age, my cousins and I made sure we were there prancing around - 'to see and be seen'...  I wouldn't exchange that innocent glimpse for anything.  Although, of course, we all dreamed of the land of milk and honey.  And so my cousins and I - at senile age, here we are in the land of milk and honey, doing the jig - never knowing where it leads us, but shuffle we do, anyway. 

How about you - how is your jitter-bug????

Juzno: My chronically achy left knee forbids me to do the jitter-bug :(

aU: Where can I buy this photo? 



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