From Potentiality to Actuality (Life is good)

Art and Words © 2014 Rob Castro

Juzno:  Today is a great day for a smoke and red wine.

Aristotle:  The rain did some good.  Look at the rain drops hovering from the beautiful buds.

Juzno:  Your philosophy is about optimism.

Aristotle:  Yes, because I believe that Man is inherently good.

Juzno:  How do you square that considering that you rejected your teacher Plato's thesis that good lies in the realm of Ideas?

Aristotle:  Ah, but you see, with the power of reason, one does not need the realm of Ideas as my teacher taught - but union with the divine can be attained through the power of reason.  Wrong behavior is simply Man's ignorance and should not be attributed to the flaw of human nature.  If we could only teach people to behave a certain way, their actions would be virtuous.  Man has great potential, which can be harnessed into perfect actuality.

Juzno:  Are you optimistic then that we are moving from potentiality to actuality?

Aristotle:  Yes, the Unmoved Mover draws Man's potential.

Juzno:  Where then does reason come from?

Aristotle:  Ah, that is the question.  I suggest that we continue to smoke our freshly rolled Joya De Nicaragua Fuerte  B and keep on drinking the cheap red wine that you just served me.

Juzno:  Life is good.


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