Vines and the meaning of words

Rob:  A penny for your thought.

Juzno:  Yes, yes.   Pop culture has changed the meaning of words.  It used to be that when people talked about 2 plus 2 we know that the answer is four.  Now it could mean the answer is 159.  Everything is relative.  Even being relative is relative.

Rob:  How do we know what is truth then?

Juzno:  Well, there is that school of thought that denies truth.  There is no truth.  But the problem is even that statement in order to be valid has be truthful.

Rob:  Does that mean one has to start with an undeniable truth?

Juzno:  Well, yes.  How do you know that I'm not just an illusion?

Rob:  Actually you are.  You're just a fictional character.

Juzno:  Oh.


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