Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father’s Day Letter from Mimi

Dear Dadoo,

Happy Father’s Day! I’m sending this letter with my picture showing a happy face, celebrating this special day with you. I am so glad to be your adopted canine daughter, and I’m grateful for the many ways that you cared for me, which you showed by:

a) Teaching me manners and how to be a good girl. You taught me when to bark and when not to bark, how to use a pad to eat my bone, and even gave me cues as to when to leave things alone.

b) Training me well in dancing and in modeling. My turns and poses have improved so much, thanks to that spotting technique that you showed me by placing a “treat” in a spot that you want me to focus. Now, if I could only apply this to do some “fouettés” then I can be the most famous “bowwowina.”

c) Spending time with me. I really enjoy hanging out with you in the backyard—you with your cigar or pipe and reading your books on philosophy and theology while I gnaw at my bone, enjoy the wind on my face and just watch the day go by.

Thank you for being a great dad.

With a luv, luv, luv,

Can I send this to you before father’s day so I can be sure that you will include me when you dine and celebrate that special day? To my readers, please like if you are a canine with a special human dad.

My Dear Mimi,

Thank you for the very nice photo of yourself and Mamoo.  It is nice because I took that picture.   It is the only one out of 12 shots that made it during developing the film roll.  This was the second film roll that I developed after a long hiatus from film photography.  The first one ended up with also one decent shot out of the 12 from the other film roll.  I'm beginning to see a pattern.  Perhaps at the rate that I'm going, I'm going to exceed the work of Ansel Adams who once said that "twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop."  On the other hand, Henri Cartier-Bresson did say that  "your first 10,000 photographs are your worst."  Who am I to believe?  At any rate, once I am confident with my film photography I will impart whatever I know to you.  I am quite sure that you will make a great photographer. 

Keep up the good work.  I am really proud of you. 

Your loving dad,