Katharine Hepburn and the African Daisies

© 2014 Rob Castro

Perhaps I am pleading a helpless case. After all things are not looking good. Under the law the guilty will be guilty forever. Or until they make enormous contributions to some multi-term politicians with nothing to lose by tossing a few last minute endorsements for grabs. So and so is a potentially great artist and so we should give him or her a grant to pursue the dreams of what artists long for. These moneys are after all swindled from the tax payers who have no idea where their tax moneys are going to. But what if one does not have any political clout? He will be guilty as charged. There will be no justice.

“Who is after me?” I asked my attorney.

“Nobody. You are paranoid,” he said.

“Yes,” I replied. “That is why we are going to Africa.”

“Why Africa?”

" I need to get hold of some rare African Daisies."

“You are an evil bastard.”

I felt into silence. It is always wise to let somebody take control. But I got to get my hands on those daisies.

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