Thursday, November 19, 2015

Swiss Clock Urban

Swiss time is running out ... I think we would lose the race.
An apt cool song quote from the Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water in a place where they make Swiss watches and cheese.  (Actually, I am not that sure about the cheese.)

I make it a point to shoot photos of clocks whenever I visit urban cities.  This one was shot at Lugano, a nice little place in southern Switzerland.  The folks here speak Italian.  But that doesn't mean much to me because I can't speak the language.  I do know how to properly say "Thank You" in Italian.  It's "grrra-zee-eh".

The place is memorable for me because my sciatica acted up when we were here.  I almost bought a walking cane because I could hardly take a step.  The wine and the Tylenols seem to alleviate the pain though.

When the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie ...  that's Amore.

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