Tuesday, November 03, 2015

The Sublime

Contemplating on the significance of the insignificance.

Only man can feel fear and awe at the same time.  The beast will only know fear for he has not forgotten his insignificance.  Man on the other hand have built monuments and shrines to give glory to himself.  In so doing, he has forgotten how insignificant he truly is compared to the sun, and moon and stars above him.  But when the angel of death comes for him, he remembers it all.  As he clings to his last breath, he realizes that his body and mind will be reduced to nothingness.  Selah.  He sees himself standing on the edge of a sword -  on the left side is the realm of living and on the right is dying.  At that moment, he sees his eminent death and he sees the insignificance of his life.  And at that moment, he experiences fear and awe ... at the same time.

#existentialism #sublime #livinganddying