Friday, January 01, 2016

Making Sense of Urban Photography

When in Austin, do what the locals do.  Leave your bike after four drinks.

Rob:  Tell me how you took this picture.

Juzno:  For me it was important to make a picture within the framework of the environment. So it’s like there should be a natural transcendence of the urban experience of whatever it was. Not a lot of people have appreciated what I was doing. They just didn't get it.  A few of them might know what the concept is. What was I thinking when I took the picture?  What was my state of mind?  I might have been bored.  I might have thought I would have been better off intellectually engaging with the ghost of my long dead cat.  Or re-reading Dostoevsky.  Then there was that fleeting moment - a moment of inspiration that hit me.  Maybe it was the food I just ate, or the wine that was going to my head, or maybe it was the graffiti on the walls.  Whatever.  I thought that this could be something really important.  I realized in a way, within a rather limited equipment that I have at the moment, what kind of existential power one can have as a photographer when one can deliver something substantial using crappy equipment, which in this case was an iPhone on my hand.  At that precise moment, somehow I felt audacious.  You know what I mean?

Rob:  Not really.

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