Wednesday, January 27, 2016

They will be gone because of greed

Over two decades, Chino Hills was mostly cow space.  This farm is a stone's throw away from my house.  I used to bring my daughter here to see the cows.  She would piggy back on my shoulders and point at the cows.  Laughing out she would then say to them, "moow!"  I would cherish those moments.  Now the place is surrounded with housings and just across the street is a recreational park.  The farm is still there but it has decreased in size.  I fear that the cows will soon be gone.  The fields would be replaced with concrete and asphalt.  The native trees will all be cut down and replaced with subtropical plants.  They would make room for ugly new houses.  This is where the money would be.  This is all because of greed.

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Mark Wade said...

Urban sprawl my friend. It's tough to see memories trampled on with complete disregard.
My wife and I were just having a similar discussion. I told her about when as a child, we would drive through the dairy and pick up bottles of milk. It wasn't long before the cows left, then the dairy store.
I think there is a strip mall and a Starbucks there now. This was in Gardena in the early 60's

Rob Castro said...

can't imagine what it would be like years from now...