Friday, January 08, 2016

Three Sisters in Manhattan

"Meet the New Charlie's Angels."

Macy is famous for their window displays especially during Christmas time.  This is not one of them.  Just strolling along Manhattan and I spotted this window.  I dig it. What was it that attracted me to it? I tried to analyze why it worked.  Then I see three elements.  A mannequin, a picture of a model, and a picture of an eye partly covered by the mannequin.  The windows add some textures to the entire image.  Then I thought, they could be the new Charlie's angels.  One is a cyborg, who specializes in martial art. The other is a fashion model who doesn't have many talking parts.  The third is the Mystery Woman.

This photo will not make it to the National Geographic.  But years from now, Lord willing, my future grandchildren and great grandchildren will ask me about it.  "Grandpapa, why did you take this photo?"  And I will answer, "Because I can."

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