Still Life with Fruit Basket

The cool thing about shooting still life is my subjects never complain.  

This is from the archive.  I shot the image back in 2008.

I think it was the time when KC returned from Baltimore.  Or was it?  My mind is foggy now.  But I remember it was Christmas season.  She took a bunch of fruits, and added some cones and Heavenly Bamboo from our back yard, and proceeded to create a holiday fruit basket.  I didn't want to let a great work go to waste, so I decided to document it.  At that time, I was just getting serious into photography.  Didn't know much what I was doing.  It was with an entry level DSLR - a Canon Rebel XT (or 350D if you're in Europe or Australia) and 18-55mm kit lens.  Didn't know much how to use the flash either.  But the picture turned out pretty decent - if I may say so. 

Wishing you a safe and grand holiday.  

#FruitBasket #CanonRebelXT #KitLens 


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