The Mighty St George

Shot with iPhone 6.  St George at the V&A Museum, London.

 In the tenth-century Georgian narrative, the story begins in the fictional city of Lasia, which was plagued by a fire breathing dragon.  

To appease the dragon, the people of the city fed it two sheep every day. When they ran out of sheep, they started feeding it their children.  This was done through lottery.  One time, the lot fell on the king's daughter.  The king, in his grief, told the people they could have all his gold and silver and half of his kingdom and unlimited access to his credit cards if his daughter were spared.  Ah, but the people were too scared of the dragon so they refused. 

The daughter, dressed as a chicken salad, was sent out to be fed to the dragon.    By chance, St George rode past where the dragon dwelled.  Seeing that the princess was in distress, St George negotiated with the dragon.  

Being a pacifist, St George believe that any dire situation can be dealt with reasonable arguments.  The dragon was adamant that it be given the entire kingdom.  But St George was able to bargain.  He promised that the dragon could have Brooklyn instead, and that its name would be remembered as Puff the Magic Dragon.  Not knowing where Brooklyn was, and the name Puff sounded exotic, the dragon agreed.  St George gave the dragon a one way ticket to New York, and then took the princess with him to Estonia.  There they got married and had five happy children.  

The rest is history.

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