Happy Tuesday

Rose brought home some flowers last week and placed them on the kitchen top.  The piece stood there for days until today I decided I would practice my iphoneological skill once again.  Here is how it came out using the Portrait Mode of the iPhone 7 plus:

It's decent but not very exciting.  I do like the Depth of Field feature on the iPhone 7 plus.  But it needs a bit more snap.  So I processed it using Snapseed.  It's a nifty App from Google that can be downloaded for free.  The App was originally made by Niksoftware, which Google bought.  I tell people that Snapped is the best thing since slice bread.  Google continues to expand Snapseed's features.  The latest is the App can now process RAW files.  A big plus I think for photographers who shoots in RAW format.  It's my go-to in case I want to quickly process photos that I took with the smartphone.

Hope your day is going well.


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