Journal No. 7

Inspired (meaning stolen) from German Expressionism
Canon EOS 5D, 20mm Voigtlander, iso1600, f5.6, 1/30

How many triangles can you spot on this image?

If I were to pick a winner in Surrealistic Photography,  I think it would be one of the photographers from the German Expressionism Movement.  The picture above is my paltry attempt to copy the style of that period.  I think I don't come close.  Most of the artists probably were experiencing angst and produced remarkable works that expressed their feelings.  Not too long ago, I've noticed that there has been a resurgence of artists from eastern Europe who have similar sense of art work.  My guess is that most of these artists experienced repression and are now coming out of the woodwork.  A lot of dark themes.
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