Neo-caves of Altamira

Chris:  Never been to Barcelona, but everyone I know who went enjoyed themselves.  From what I’ve heard the people are pretty friendly.  Hope you had a great time.  When you have caught up on your sleep, I’m curious to know what you found to be the highlight of your time in Spain?

Juno:  Cheers, Chris.  If I were to choose the only one highlight in Northern Spain, I would have to say the abundance of wine.  Wine is cheaper than water or soda.  And the Northern Spanish wines are excellent.  My favorite is the Albarino, a white wine from Galicia.  Drank cold is best for the hot Spanish climate.  It was in the 100s when we were there.  Thinking it would be cooler, I only brought one pair of shorts.  I ended up buying another one.  I suppose that would be the next highlight.  

Kidding aside.  The visit to the Neo-caves of Altamira in Santillana made an impression to me.  I suppose being an artist I was struck at how technically advanced the dwellers of the cave painted their ceilings.  Paintings of horses, bisons, boars and deers that date back 40,000 years ago.  Surprisingly, the images were not flat at all but appeared three dimensional.    Why the dwellers painted them - who knows?  My guess is that they were probably used as teaching tools.  

"Look, Ocham.  This is a picture of a deer.  Good food."  

"This is a picture of a bison.  Watch out."  

Or it might just be plain decorative.  Maybe a village interior decorator goes house to house - in this case cave to cave, and painted the ceilings per the client's request.  

"Hey, Vyrmyr.  I see how you decorated my neighbor's ceiling.  I want the same on mine."

"Sure, but I have to put you in que.  I'm doing the mayor's next Wednesday."

We were not supposed to take photos so I bought a set of coasters that show the images of the paintings.  I'm posting it here so that you can have an idea of what I'm talking about.  


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