The Old Town Record Store

Of all the places we've been to in Switzerland, I think Lucerne is the one that has the most diverse culture.  They say that it is a nexus of economics, transportation, culture, and media.  What I found fascinating was the mix of 20th century and 19th century culture.  For instance, this record store still sells vinyl records.  I didn't buy any because my player was broken but I did purloin some stickers to decorate my luggage.

And then there is Stadtkeller, where we went to one night, is a music restaurant in the city's old town where entertainers sing folk songs and invite the audience to do the chicken dance and blow the Alpinehorn.  I was fortunate not to be chosen to do that.  I was put onstage however to yodel.  The hostess thought my name was Alan for whatever reason.  I didn't correct her in case I embarrassed myself.

Hope your day goes well.


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