The Eye of Liverpool

I've edited this image so many times.  There is a natural version, where the sky is blue.  There is a sunset version, where the sky is magenta.  Now obviously is the Black and White version.  I like all the versions.  It's that saccharine sentimentality that one doesn't get tired of - as opposed to becoming sour in time like wine turning to a vinegar.  I wonder why I said that.  Maybe it kind of sounded smart.

There are hundreds of Ferris Wheels in the world.  Arguably, the most famous is the Eye of London.  But I think the Eye of Liverpool - although not as famous - looks better than the Eye of London.

Taken with the iPhone 6 some time ago.  I had just started shooting with the smart phone, and found it to be a great companion when traveling.

Hope your day is going well.


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