Ancient Selfie

Or how the Women's Rights Movement began.

Blogging is hard.  I'm an artist not a writer.  I always think that if one doesn't have anything worthwhile to say don't say it.

I started this blog I believe in 2008 to showcase my artwork (mostly photographic, although there are some other mediums I have also used). The intent was for friends and family to see what I was up to concerning new art projects.  And then something along the way changed.  I began to have a desire to reach out to more people -- maybe artists like me. Like myself, they are frustrated, disappointed, sometimes manic, other times depressed, fascinated about the arts, happy and sad, sometimes encouraged, but always looking forward for better days.  

The extent I wanted is to blog ideas. Not just techniques.  Ten years later, I'm looking at myself and I wonder.  I suppose I missed the mark.


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