Back from Upstate New York

Sorry.  My English teacher always told us not to start a sentence with the word "sorry."  I can see a lot of merits to his advice.  I have been away for so long that it actually felt good - being relieved from the stress of thinking what it is I need to post for my next blog.  And yet, I can't be lazy.  I need to do something to stimulate the mind.  It's mostly reading and writing.  Both of which have fallen to the way side.  So, I'm stepping in to connect back to the free world through the magic of the internet.  Well, unless you are living in a tyrannical country that controls all the internet feeds that go around.  Quite frankly, it is beginning to feel that way here where I live.  Google+, which host this blog,  has lately been compromised.  So I'm not even sure if people can read this post. Well, perhaps eventually they will.

This was shot using the iPhone 7 plus over a month ago when we were at the Cayuga Lake in upstate New York.  A rather lazy town that would be ideal for retirement.  Our host have this two acre lot that was by the lake.  The point of staying there was for a mini high school reunion that Rose participated.  I was having a stomach upset at that time when I took this picture.  Everybody else in our group went for a boat ride across the lake.  But Rose and I decided to stay behind.  The benefit was we get to experience this gorgeous sunset - and a glimpse of a bald eagle flying over us and a water snake sneaking up from the shore.  Pretty cool, I think.  But when I told our host about the water snake she freaked out.  She had been swimming in the lake but have never seen one.  Well, no worries.  Later on, we asked one of the locals and he said that there are no poisonous snake in the area.  

Hope you are having a great weekend.  Cheers.


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