Waiting Inside the Cave

I believe this was at the Samaguing Cave in Sagada.  This was in 2012.  My memory is failing.  The cave is made up of limestones.  The bat dung is an additional feature.  My first time going to this place was in the early 80s.  I was more adventurous.  I realized in my second visit how dangerous the trek was inside the cave.  On the last stretch of our journey,  I nearly fell in a what seemed to be a bottomless pit.  My grip was slipping as the rocks were slippery from the mud and the bat dung.  Desperate, I used my forehead to prop myself up.  My forehead was barely healing from a previous accident.  I forgot about the pain as my natural instinct was to survive.  It was also an embarrassing sight.  But I'm alive.

Hope your day is going well.


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