Wild Flowers Near our front Yard

Picked them up this morning at a vacant lot near our front yard.  Don't know what they are but I thought they looked interesting.  There are plenty of wild flowers growing near our house.  I hope they come back next year.  Although that's highly unlikely.  New houses are being built everyday around our area.  Pretty soon I'll have to hike or drive farther to see the wild flowers.  In the meantime, I'm enjoying them.  

Reminds me when we lived in Southern California.  It used to be all dirt road and wild poppies everywhere around us.  The poppies would even grow on our backyard.  That changed when we left for Texas.  Home developers kept building houses in the city.  The 100 year old oak trees were rooted out and replaced with box houses.  I speculate the same will happen where we now live.  It will only be a matter of time.

Hope your day is going well.


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