Happy New 2020 Year

After a couple of glasses of wine this is how one sees things.  But I haven't had my wine yet so perhaps I was having an alcohol flashback - whatever that may be.

An oldie that I found in my files that I intended to process back then but never got to it.  Shot with Roses's Fujifilm x100.  The camera is the first generation of the x100s.  (I now own an x100F.)  Back then the sensor size was limited to 12 mp.  Still pretty useable.

I was able to get the motion blurs by setting the camera on the table across the couple and shooting on very slow aperture speed.  The couple had no idea that I was taking their photo.  We were at the top of the Seattle Tower.  The light streak on the background window is a result of the floor rotating very slowly.

Hope you're having a fabulous new year.


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