Winter in Georgetown

It does not snow in Georgetown, Texas where we now live.  The temperature does go down to the 20s Fahrenheit.  

Pictured above is Poco, one of the two donkeys who live in Berry Springs Ranch, a few miles from us.  The other donkey (not pictured) is Amigo.  Not sure why they named the donkey that  because she is actually female.  Maybe she is transitioning.  Who knows.  

Berry Springs Park and Preserve is a park in and of Williamson County, Texas close to the city of Georgetown, Texas. The park is on farm land with many pecan and oak trees as well as the waters of Berry Springs that provide a lake for fishing with fresh water. 

There were still some pecan nuts on the ground that day.  Rose and Kamilah picked some.  They say that they had to be dried for two weeks before they can be eaten.  I'll keep you posted how they taste like.

Have a wonderful day.


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