Still Life with the Morning Glory Organic Only Vegan Society Small Group


Still Life with the Morning Glory Organic Only Vegan Society Small Group.  Non-GMO certification awaiting approval.   

I think I will be more active in posting on this blog again.  I realize that I should not let the deprecate pandemic situation restrict my life style, and so I'm moving on.  For those who are still concerned about the infectious Covid 19 virus, I can assure them that I am currently wearing a mask as prophylactic while I'm typing this post.  An incredulous assurance if you can believe that.  

The image displays our first grape tomato produce.  The blueberries were added as props - store bought from our local grocery that specialized in organically grown vegetable.  I do think that the term organic is a misnomer as mostly everything on earth contains some carbon and therefore is technically organic.  Although I suppose one can plant vegetable solely in water, so that can be considered inorganic as water does not contain carbon if I remember correctly in my chemistry class.  I digress.  

The image is not real.  I mean the composition has been photoshopped.  The image of the green background was taken on one of excursions to Seneca in New York.  It's actually a pond.  I think the green is made up of algae.  The cup of tomatoes and blueberries was photographed at our kitchen.  The solar flare is courtesy of Adobe.   Everything was captured with the iPhone camera.  Post production completed in the comfort of our Texan home.

Hope you enjoy.


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